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Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin, LLP, LLP provides customized estate planning and business law services to clients throughout Ohio

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Answering Your Questions About Probate

Following the death of an individual, probate can be a required process to distribute the deceased individual’s assets and property through the court. During this process, all property and assets will be appraised to see the total value of the estate and pay back any debt or obligations. You may have many questions about this process, and you can call 614-423-4619, toll-free at 888-428-0610 for more in-depth answers.

How do I get started with the probate process?

After someone’s death, the person named in the will as the executor will file the appropriate paperwork with the probate court. If no one is named in the will, the person is appointed by the probate judge as an administrator. The executor or administrator will present the estate to the court by identifying all property, assets, debts and beneficiaries that are material to the process.

The executor must then manage the assets during the probate process, appraising the value of the assets and property within the estate. The executor has the liberty to sell real estate, investments and property, depending on the will terms and debts of the deceased.

At Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin, LLP, LLP, we are prepared to represent your interests in this process. Probate is often complex and confusing. We strive to make the process understandable, equipping you with the answers and information you need to make the best decisions possible.

How much does probate cost?

The costs of probate and estate administration are generally dependent on the nature and extent of the debts, assets, cooperation of beneficiaries, and any heirs. The actual costs of administration are paid from the estate assets.

How long does probate take?

The process could take a few months or more than a year, depending on the circumstances, assets, obligations and property involved.

Do I have to go to court?

Probate hearings are not always necessary. Probate hearings that are necessary take place in the local probate court. As your attorneys, we will be with you at any hearing, providing guidance and legal representation to ensure that your interests are protected.

What if there is a dispute?

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise during probate or the administration of an estate, particularly in situations involving blended families or multiple marriages. When the potential for disputes exists, you need the skill of a Westerville probate court lawyer who understands how to handle contested wills and dispute the conditions of an estate in court.

What should I do If I have more questions?

Call us anytime. At Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin, LLP, LLP, we have served families for more than 50 years, offering representation that protects the interests of our clients.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss a potential probate issue, please contact a Columbus probate lawyer at our law firm today through email or by calling 614-423-4619, toll-free at 888-428-0610.