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For more than 50 years, Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin has provided insightful and skilled guidance to families and individuals, enabling clients’ goals for the future by leveraging powerful estate planning vehicles such as wills and trusts.

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Columbus Will And Trust Attorneys

Wills and trusts serve as the cornerstone of a complete estate plan. These two documents are instrumental in directing an individual’s final wishes. A will outlines in writing the specific wishes and distribution of property, giving clear instructions and direction to those who administer the will. A trust gives broader directions, which often go into effect over a period of time. These can be leveraged in a special-needs trust to provide for surviving dependents and minors, ensuring that they are protected.

To our firm, a will is not simply a product; it is a relationship. Unlike online estate planning tools that spit out template documents, we offer our clients a partnership that will extend throughout their lives. We routinely review the plan to make necessary adjustments, particularly after changes within the family or business. Our lawyers will take the time to sit down with you and listen to you. We want to know your plans for the future and how we can help facilitate those dreams through intentional and personalized estate planning.

Protecting Your Rights During Will Contests

Sometimes wills are contested by the heirs, particularly in instances of blended families and multiple marriages. For a will to be modified, certain conditions must be proven, including incompetence of the maker when it was created and coercion. We are prepared to protect your interests should such a dispute arise.

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