Experienced Attorneys For The Administration Of Complex Estates

Probate is required for the distribution of assets and property of an estate if appropriate measures to avoid the process were not taken before the individual passed. The best way to avoid probate is by carefully planning and preparing an estate plan that is customized to your individual needs and situation, particularly in dealing with complex estates. If this has not been done, you need the experience of a skilled firm representing your interests.

At Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin, we are equipped to coordinate various strategies and planning instruments to manage complex estates and the distribution of assets. Call 614-423-4619 or toll free at 888-428-0610 so we can assist you with your complicated distribution needs, including:

  • Real estate in multiple jurisdictions and multiple counties
  • Personal property matters
  • Valuable personal property
  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks and investments
  • Life insurance

Efficiently Handling Ancillary Administration And Other Complex Estate Concerns

We are effective in dealing with estates involving multiple counties and states, including dealing with out-of-state assets and ancillary administration. We are also equipped to handle estate claims and disputes that have been complicated by a wrongful death.

Additional issues may arise if the deceased individual left debt or obligations that must be honored. We handle the brunt of the distasteful work, dealing with creditors, paying bills, sorting obligations and directing how final death expenses will be handled.

Many families approach us after the passing of a loved one when a complex estate has been left and beneficiaries have not been designated, resulting in a confusing mess and potential disputes. We are equipped to intervene, efficiently sorting through the estate and all details involved in determining a plan for the distribution of assets.

Contact Us For Your Complex Estate Administration Needs

We administer plans for the support of minor children and dependents, drawing on the potential of arrangements such as guardianships and trusts. We will direct the management of assets for legally incompetent beneficiaries, which may include minors, disabled dependents and family members with special needs. We will seek guardianship when necessary and always work diligently to protect the people who mean the most to you.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your probate situation and obstacles that may complicate the distribution of the estate, please contact our firm today at 614-423-4619 or toll-free at 888-428-0610 to see how we can help you.