Minimizing Taxes And Penalties Through Estate Planning

At Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin, we use a wide range of vehicles, including family limited partnerships, limited liability companies and trusts, to protect assets. Many times, these are especially powerful when seeking to protect a surviving spouse. Our team offers a thorough understanding of how these options operate and how they can be leveraged for your benefit.

Call 614-423-4619 or toll free at 888-428-0610, and we will guide you in exploring potential gifting asset strategies that will allow you to make meaningful contributions to organizations and causes that will carry your legacy and minimize certain taxes.

Protecting Your Business And Other Assets

Attorney William McLoughlin is an Ohio State Bar Association-certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law. Also a certified public accountant (CPA), he has the tax knowledge and skill to foresee potential tax penalties and issues that may cost you. With his assistance, our team will take the necessary steps to cover those gaps, avoiding penalties.

Through our experience in business and real estate law, we are equipped to evaluate your business situation and offer succession planning solutions. These strategies will protect your business and family interests, streamlining the process of transferring assets and control to named parties or family members.

We are also prepared to assist in Medicaid and Medicare planning as it relates to the protection of assets.

Call Us For More Information

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your estate and the asset protection options available, please contact our firm today. Call 614-423-4619 or toll free at 888-428-0610.