Making A Plan That Bypasses Probate

By avoiding probate, you can sidestep costly and time-consuming disputes, frustrations and bureaucracy in the system. It is important that you work with an attorney who knows what is required and is equipped with the experience to avoid costly mistakes or omissions. At Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin, we work to cut down on the expense of the process, striving to make estate administration more efficient.

We are committed to partnering with families and individuals to preserve as much of an estate as possible as the estate and property of the deceased individual are distributed following his or her passing. We are efficient through the process of probate and estate administration, easing the strain on those who remain.

How To Avoid Probate In Ohio

The best possible way to avoid probate is with thorough estate planning that comprehensively addresses all important issues and protects the interests of your family. We will discuss with you the benefits of specific estate plan elements, including advance directives and the naming of critical decision makers.

Should an estate already be in probate, we are available to step in and direct the handling of the deceased’s affairs. Our team of lawyers is also prepared to assist in assessing property, providing valuation of real estate, real property, businesses and assets, as well as coordinating communication between other advisers such as banks and financial institutions.

Consult With Us About Your Options

We empower clients with the answers and information to make the decisions that best serve their own particular situation and goals. We educate each client on the specifics of the process and the potential importance of each decision.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss how our firm can assist your family in this difficult time, please contact us today. We are eager to get started. Call 614-423-4619 or toll free at 888-428-0610.