Property taxes are just one of the many aspects of owning a home in Ohio that many people forget about until they receive a bill in the mail. Many elements from the age of a person’s home to its design can influence the amount owed for property taxes.

If people suspect a miscalculation in the amount of their bill, they can do a bit of legwork to verify the validity of their payment.

The role of property tax

Regulation of property tax helps to provide funding for roads, bridges, public services and county construction in the area of collection. According to the Ohio Department of Taxation, property tax is the oldest tax in the state originating in 1825. County auditors monitor appraisal practices to ensure fairness in property tax calculation.

Calculating tax price

Property taxes rely on many factors to determine a bottom-line price. Realtor suggests that people questioning the uniformity of their payment amount compared with their neighbors, consider hiring an independent auditor to value their home. They could also collaborate with their neighbors, particularly those with similarly designed homes and comparable lot size.

People wishing to appeal the price of their property taxes would benefit from thoroughly measuring their square footage, as well as carefully listing each amenity of their home. Verifying the accuracy of zoning reports can also aid in their effort to appeal their bill. Once they know the requirements for filing an appeal, they can submit all applicable information including the evidence they feel supports their claim. People may choose to hire legal help to assist them with the organization and strategy of their appeal.