Planning for the future of your loved ones is one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime, and it should be something that you give the utmost care and attention to. Many people in Ohio have been using “do-it-yourself” estate planning services on the internet, but while these may offer easy to fill forms and tempting prices, they fail to provide the personal attention to detail that we can provide at Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin.

Understanding your options

 Planning your estate has a lot more to it than simply producing a well-written will. Having someone to talk through all of the options with you can help you to feel more confident that you have chosen the best way to proceed.

Do you need to create a trust or LLC? Have you figured out how your farm or business will be maintained? Have you planned for how your executors and beneficiaries will be able to handle the probate process?

Administration of the estate

 Whether it goes through the process of probate or not, you estate needs someone you can trust to help manage its distribution once the fateful day arrives. We can help you not only to choose the best person to act as the executor of your estate, but we can also stick around to help your family after your death.

It takes time to come up with an effective estate plan. If you want to learn more about what is involved, visit our website.